Valve/Steam makes CS:GO (Counter-Strike) F2P (Free to play)

CS:GO F2P CheatersThe legendary Half Life mod known as Counter-Strike has gone free to play making it a cheaters paradise. Over the last 3 days I have played in over 10 games and 8 of the 10 had blatant wall hacking going on. A few of the games had aim boting being used too. It is evident that going free to play has spurred a cheating movement within the Counter-Strike community, not that there weren't tons of cheaters before. I am a 20 year veteran of this game and without knowing that CS:GO was free to play since Dec. 8 2018 I noticed a definite increase in cheating to the point I was going to quit the game. Before quiting I did a little research to make sure there were no private servers without cheaters that I could pay to play on and found that the game is now free to play. It all started making sense. Valve has completely abandoned any type of cheat moderation in this game and it’s now a free for all. It appears that cheaters now dictate game play and the most ballsy cheater sways the game. This free to play cheating movement sadly ushers in the close of a wonderful FPS ERA. Rainbow 6 I hear is OK but not as good as Counter-Strike. I hear about Overwatch, PUBG and Fortnite but do not believe any of them will bring the appeal and die hard game play that Counter-Strike did. R.I.P. Counterstrike, It was a hell of a run!